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Talk about applying the concept of best practice sharing - we're giving it away for free! Don't reinvent the wheel - save tens of thousands of dollars in program development costs - utilize our material.

Our free lean site makes your job easier by offering comprehensive PowerPoint training presentations on a wide variety of safety, quality, and lean enterprise topics:

  • The material is foundational, straight forward and simple.
  • Each module at the left is designed to be presented in about an hour.
  • All presentations are in Microsoft PowerPoint format for easy customization.
  • Each module contains learning objectives, definition of the subject, step-by-step instructions, application examples or best practices and a small group exercise at the conclusion.
  • Several have key learnings - so don't forget to check the notes pages.
  • For their use (and modification), we ask that you please retain the free lean site reference with the materials.
  • Think you have what it takes to be a Lean Leader? Click on the "skillset" image above to open a quick self-assessment for Lean Leaders.

Module key points condense foundational Lean Enterprise concepts developed from these three resources. Purchase them to supplement the training material as you rollout your improvement initiative. Click on any of the images below to link to the source for these materials.

photo of lean six sigma toolbook photo of lean enterprise memory jogger book photo of lean thinking book

Lean Six Sigma Toolbook
-Michael George

Lean Enterprise Memory Jogger
-Richard L. Macinnes

Lean Thinking
-Womak and Jones

photo of continuous improvement companion book photo of LSS Academy Guide to Lean Manufacturing book photo of Lean Manufacturing  Basics book

The Continuous Improvement Companion
-Jeff Hajek

Guide to Lean Manufacturing
-Ron Pereira

Lean Manufacturing Basics
-Aza Badurdeen

photo of TWI book

Training Within Industry (TWI)
-Donald A. Dinero