Meet Jay Watson

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A Businessman, Lean Practitioner, Author, Educator and acclaimed Speaker, Jay is an accomplished Operations and Quality Improvement Management Coach. With success from Manufacturing to Service industries - his mission: sharpen the leadership focus toward continually improving Safety, Quality, and Speed of execution

For over 30 years, Jay Watson, a leading expert in Lean Six Sigma improvement methodologies, has assisted organizations around the world in realizing substantial and sustained quality and productivity gains through the steadfast and systematic application of lean management methods. Coupled with Hoshin Planning upfront and an effective Change Acceleration Process, positive outcomes with sustained results are inevitable. Able to work effectively with all levels in an organization, he offers a lifetime of proven and practical management approaches to operational excellence for those seriously interested in reducing waste and wasteful practices.

Recently, under contract with Honeywell, Jay assisted a group of Black Belts/ Lean experts with a Kaizen-based initiative resulting in over $2.1 million productivity gains within four months.

Prior, with the Flowserve Corporation in Dallas, TX, he was responsible for supplementing the corporate Six Sigma initiative with Lean Enterprise philosophies. Duties also involved mentoring executives, coaching project champions, and certifying Black Belts and Green Belts throughout the North American operations. Improvement effort contributed $20M dollars annually in productivity.

Working at key Customer sites with General Electric (Operation Services), his responsibilities included coaching newly trained Black Belts and Master Black Belts in the structure and discipline of six sigma techniques. Contribution from projects earned, on average, over $120,000 each. Duties also involved conducting train-the-trainer sessions and providing on-site assistance within the areas of project definition, belt development and overall program design and deployment. He was cited for assisting development in one of the finest Lean Six Sigma training programs at GE.

A veteran within Industrial, Manufacturing and Quality Engineering, Jay has provided strategic and tactical leadership for a variety of performance oriented projects - including: union wage incentive programs, production cost reductions, employee suggestion systems, quality control circles, supplier development and business process management improvement. Because of these efforts - organizations experience increased safety performances, decreased lead times, improved cycle times, product and process defect reductions, and greatly enhanced customer and employee satisfaction measures.

For over a decade, Jay managed a successful TQM consulting firm and taught part-time with several leading universities and colleges in Phoenix, Arizona. As a top corporate educator, he was also associated with Motorola University West - where he received the coveted CEO Quality Award in 1993 for Six Sigma development and deployment efforts. He earned university degrees in Human Resource Development, Business Administration, and Engineering Technology.

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