Critical Success Factors:
Steps to Operational Excellence (Op Ex)

Critical Success Factor - Executive Engagement

  • Visible, consistent support and an active role in communication, participation, recognition and rewards
  • Assuring linkage of Operational Excellence (Lean Six Sigma problem solving methods) to corporate strategies.
  • Clear prioritization (relative to other initiatives, programs and business priorities).
  • Requiring the use of facts and data to support actions at all levels of decision-making.
  • Creating accountabilities, expectations, roles and responsibilities for the organization.
  • Conducting and attending regular reviews to assure and verify progress.

Critical Success Factor - Communications

  • Creation and communication of a Human Resources Development plan to support Op Ex (Lean Six Sigma) roles.
  • Regular written communications on Op Ex news and successes.
  • Development and dissemination of communication aids to management.
  • Advocating and creating a "common language" based on Lean Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Communicating pertinent facts about improvement initiatives in every company meeting.

Critical Success Factor - Projects

  • Establish a documented 1-year project inventory (and refresh regularly).
  • Assure linkage of projects to critical business and customer needs.
  • Establish projects of appropriate scope and size (significant savings & achievable).
  • Assign a Champion and Team Leader to each project (and hold them accountable).
  • Implement a project tracking system to facilitate replication and reuse.