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Why does it make sense?

We have all had experiences when committee meetings, group projects, and teamwork have been frustrating. However, assuming that we can have effective teamwork, why should we do it? Why should we not rely on individual initiative and effort instead of the much harder group work? Teams are more effective than individuals are because...

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Coaches Corner

  • Starting a Lean Initiative: Step by Step
    Whether adopting a project-based or flow-based approach, this roadmap outlines the high-level steps for implementing Lean Thinking within your organization. A quick read, provoking thoughtful planning and skilled execution.

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  • More Flexibility, More Capability, MoreSteam

    Moresteam.comprovides practice-based e-Learning and software tools that help you and your organization to rapidly - and cost-effectively - advance your process improvement performance - no matter where you choose to work.
    As the leader in online Lean Six Sigma training and deployment support resources, they have trained 361,112 professionals and served over 2,000 corporate clients and over 50% fo the Fortune 500 since 2000.

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