Free Seminar:"Poka-Yoke" - The Fundamentals of Mistake-proofing

Target Audience: Anyone interested in error-proofing / process optimization.

Program Objectives:

  • Introduce a "Poka-Yoke" philosophy and the 6 steps to mistake-proofing
  • Recognize and demonstrate several "Poka-Yoke" applications
  • Demonstrate mistake proofing for the enhancement of Safety, Quality and Cycle-time
  • Mistake-proof two (2) processes through "hands-on" team exercises, utilizing a simple assembly process
  • Participate in a planning session to identify mistake-proofing idea(s) for an actual production step, operation, sub-element, or complete system

Brief Overview:

What's a good idea worth? This free 2-hour seminar is designed to introduce participants to the concepts of "Poka-Yoke" (mistake or error proofing), provide experience in applying the concepts, and develop a plan for action on the production line, in the work area or department in which they work. Each participant will develop a mistake-proofing idea at conclusion of the session.

This session:

This session is particularly ideal for Lean Thinkers applying mistake-proofing.


Class size: 16 participants maximum

Fee: $0.00 USD USD (No obligation or purchase is necessary. Conditions apply.)

Facilitator: Jay Watson (about)

Interested? Call Jay at 1+ 480 820-0877 (USA) to schedule a session with your organization.

Comments from previous attendees:

"...every process should be and can be mistake-proofed!"

"Thanks for the help ! We developed over 100 ideas from the sessions..."

"We were able to adopt about a quarter of the ideas our team came up with..."