Coaching Session: Mentoring Practice

Target Audience: Site Leadership Team

Program Objectives:

  • Review roles and responsibilities of a Mentor
  • Learn three stages of Mentoring
  • Understand and demonstrate several Mentoring techniques
  • Explore appropriate topics for Mentors and Protégées
  • Identify common behaviors to avoid
  • Develop a Mentoring strategy

Brief Overview:

This 2 ½ -hour session is designed for operating managers, directors and executives. The objective is to better understand the role of a mentor and provide mentoring practice through role-play scenarios.

This session:

This coaching session is particularly ideal for an organization planning to launch a Continuous Improvement (Lean or Six Sigma) initiative. It is also a great preparatory workshop for newly appointed staff with limited mentoring experience.


Class size: 8 participants maximum

Fee: $0.00 + T & E

Facilitator: Jay Watson (about)

NOTE: More than one session may be conducted a day.

Comments from previous attendees:

"I did not like the mentoring exercise / made me think"

"...opened my eyes for supporting my Project Team Leaders"

"...interesting and fun exercise"