Coaching Session: Managing Change

Target Audience: Site Leadership Team

Program Objectives:

  • Identify key elements of a Change Acceleration Process (CAP)
  • Learn component parts of a change management formula
  • Understand and demonstrate several tools and techniques
  • Shape a shared Vision for "X" (Improvement, Excellence, Service et al)
  • Develop an integrated change strategy

Brief Overview:

This 2 ½ -hour session is designed for operating managers, directors and executives. The objective is to develop and deliver a clear vision - which integrates potentially diverse changes into a congruent corporate strategy.

This session:

  • Identifies threats versus opportunities of a change (Improvement Initiative)
  • Can help a team bolster their cause with important facts and data in a way such that others feel the need to "get on board"

This coaching session is particularly ideal for an organization planning to launch a Continuous Improvement (Lean or Six Sigma) initiative. It is also a great preparatory workshop for newly appointed staff with limited strategic planning experience.


Class size: 8 participants maximum

Fee: $0.00 + T & E

Facilitator: Jay Watson (about)

NOTE: More than one session may be conducted a day.

Comments from previous attendees:

"Jay has brought many new ideas to our company, ideas that we can utilize in our daily business. We are learning what to correct and how to go about in today's market. Jay has an ability to let us think it through and to learn on our own."
-CEO and President