Workshop Session: The "Lean Team" experience

Target Audience: Lean Advocates, Leaders, Team members, Associates

Program Objectives:

Apply foundational Lean tools to improve a process:

  • Value Stream Map (Present and future state)
  • Identification of waste (value added vs. non-value added)
  • Apply decision making process using Impact/ Effort matrix
  • Organize and standardize the process steps
  • Institute basic visual management /controls to avoid errors
  • Track results through key performance metrics (before and after)

You may also utilize this session as a "train-the-trainer" for your Team facilitators!

Brief Overview:

Put lean thinking into action with this "hands-on" event! Organizations use this session to kick-off newly formed process improvement teams. The experience simulates a team progressing through the initial problem solving effort.

In this workshop, participants learn by doing. After a short lesson, basic principles of Lean are put into practice through a business scenario. Roles consist of order entry, fulfillment, operations and finance/ accounting. Session concludes with an action plan and encouragement from Management.


We recommend that Improvement Projects are selected, Lean Teams formed, and Project charters developed before conducting this event.


Class size: 10-14 (2 "lean teams" of 5 to 7 people attend concurrently)

Fee: : $0.00 USD + T & E

Instructor: Jay Watson (about)

NOTE: At, it's a function of value and we've sharpened our pencil on this offering!

This particular event is offered as a "special introductory session" to organizations interested in learning more about the concepts of Lean and Lean thinking. For the facilitation fee, it is the best value in the industry today, especially if two sessions are conducted in one day and 4 teams can participate in the training. This training supplements the free materials on the web site.

Receive even more value! Between sessions, contract Jay (speaker) to address your management team over Lunch and get your organization trained for less than $10.00 per person.