Consulting Session: Lean Leader Developmental Process

Target Audience: VP, Op Ex Director, Site Leadership Team

Program Objectives:

Develop a plan of action that will:

  • Identify key individuals in the organization and those with a passion for driving change using the Lean tools
  • Train and mentor these individuals in the principles, methodology, and toolkit
  • Draw upon this team of leaders to facilitate Lean activities and kaizen events... in addition to existing infrastructure
  • Drive sustained, accelerated results
  • Develop future leaders
  • Enhance a culture of change

Brief Overview:

This ½-day session allows time to develop a formal progression plan for Lean Leaders/ Project Managers/ Kaizen Event Facilitators.

Topics addressed focus around:

It is also a great session for identifying potential Lean Six Sigma instructors and Belts responsible for training, mentoring and supporting others.


Participants should review information on adult learning model and team development process provided by Consultant before attending session.


Class size: 8 participants maximum

Fee: $0.00 USD + T & E

Consultant: Jay Watson (about)