The Founder - Jay Watson

image of jay watson coaching

For over thirty five years, Jay Watson, an American Industrial Engineer, has served as a "hands-on productivity and quality improvement advocate" to major manufacturers and business leaders worldwide. He was instrumental in the assimilation of lean mfg. and six sigma concepts through engineering and management stints with Motorola, Honeywell, and General Electric.

Today, a recognized training and development authority on continuous improvement methodologies, he has taken the lead in providing a plethora of information through an innovative basis: a complementary web-presence:

What began with helping production leaders transform their operation and improve quality has grown into a calling for Jay. As a top Management Coach, his foundational material is designed to help you, on your own, transform your manufacturing business by establishing baselines, developing a year-long roadmap, role modeling positive behaviors, training up your leadership, facilitating rapid improvement events, and identifying - removing waste or wasteful practices.

Click here for a copy of his free book:  "Lean, On Me"