Coaching Session: How to Instill
a Kaizen Culture

Target Audience: VP, Op Ex Director, Site Leadership Team

Program Objectives:

  • Identify key individuals in the organization and those with a passion for driving change
  • Recognize problem areas
  • Identify potential Kaizen projects
  • Develop infrastructure to support Kaizen events (up to 3 a week)
  • Scope a Kaizen via Project Charter
  • Dissect components to sustain effort (communication, training, rewards)
  • Explore publicity and promotion
  • Drive positive actions and enhance performance (Metrics)

Brief Overview:

This ½-day session allows time to develop a formal plan and process for implementing Kaizen events in an organization.

Topics addressed focus around:

  • Identification, qualification and priority of projects
  • Assignment and responsibilities of the Lean Promotion Office
  • Assignment and responsibilities of Kaizen Leaders
  • Requirements for sustaining the process

It is also a great session for potential Lean Six Sigma instructors and Belts responsible for training, mentoring and supporting others.


Participants should review information on KAIZEN development process provided by Consultant before attending session.


Class size: 8 participants maximum

Fee: $0.00 USD + T & E

Coach: Jay Watson (about)