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Use our "Skill-based" Sessions to Sustain Results!

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Change Management

Whether the change is large or small, the ability to manage it is a critical component of high performance. We can help organizations prepare for coming changes, and manage the complex organizational and workforce transition. Free Change Management Toolkit.

Although not free, our facilitation fees are very reasonable and if multiple sessions are conducted within the same day - a greater "cost per participant" value can be achieved. Complete service fees are listed in each topic specification sheet. As our clients usually have long established discounted contract agreements with major airline and local hotels - they are only responsible for reasonable and customary travel and lodging expenses (T&E) for the facilitator - along with the session fee.

Skill-based Coaching

We help organizations develop the capacity to continually change - and do so without buckling under the pressure of new ways of working or disrupting their ongoing business operations. Our sessions are short and effective so that people are not tied up all day away from work. Multiple sessions can be repeated throughout the day/evening.

We coach our clients to inspire their workforce to become driven with a passion for persistent, daily improvement. We offer a variety of coaching sessions to Make Change Last. Practice makes perfect, perfect practice makes it world-class. Remember, it's not about training, at the end of the day, it's about results.

The popular one-week Lean Leader(train-the-trainer) Kaizen-based Workshop has been conducted with hundreds of people across the US and Canada. We offer several other workshops also.

If needed, we can also help you with Hoshin Planning or develop a Lean Leader Program or an annual Continuous Improvement Plan to keep it all going. Hoshin Planning Explained (ASQ article).

Power Up - Train Up

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Use this one-time (6-week) boot camp process to "Power Up - Train Up" Lean in your facility. The coach comes in, sets up everything, role models behavior, trains leaders, directs Kaizen teams, and leaves. Results are guaranteed as performance risk is shared with coach-facilitator. Expect an annual ROI from this intensive activity of 10:1.


GREAT NEWS ! Operational Excellence pep talks are now available!

With's Lectures series, all our material development and speaking fees are waived; client is responsible only to cover reasonable and customary travel and expenses (T&E) for the presenters. Plus, you get a one-on-one opportunity to pick their brains on Lean Enterprise implementation issues.

Radio Shows

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BESCORP's experience in fast and profitable transformation of large, multi-site organizations is unparalleled. They've helped some of the most complex organizations in the world create sustainable bottom line results. Mike Wall, The CPI Guy and your host of RadioLean® is a Lean Practitioner, Educator, and Advisor with nearly 30 years practical experience throughout the public and private sectors. He began his Lean journey at The Boeing Company - Witchita Division where he served as Total Quality Manager, Lean Implementation Manager, Air Force One Production Manager and 737/757 Product Line Manager.

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Started in 2009 by founder Byron Headrick, LEAN Frog is a Huntsville, Alabama-based company that utilizes Lean Six Sigma tools to help small businesses strengthen, streamline, and grow their companies by "making efficiency easy." Byron, who is both a Certified Six Sigma "Black Belt" and Certified Quality Engineer, has over 20 years experience as an expert in lean and six sigma productivity tools. Byron also hosts the weekly business radio talk radio show, LEAN Machine Radio on WTKI Radio 92.9 FM and authors a small business column in the Madison Weekly News. Click Here for his recent updates