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Ready to transform operations by removing waste and driving high-quality business processes through improvement initiatives? We are too!

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At our free lean site, we're thinking ahead. Founded on an innovative idea: make "lean thinking" concepts of continuous improvement highly accessible for practitioners in North America.

Guided by this idea, our free lean site has helped transform the landscape of business education by accelerating the developmental process. Most of the training modules are absolutely free to download and modify as needed. The procedure is as simple as that!

Other resources include operational excellence forms and formats to use as well. We've provided a free Operational Excellence leadership process to drive results centered on the pillars of Safety, Quality and Speed of Execution (SQS) and an Operational Excellence balanced scorecard based on the Change Acceleration Process (CAP) elements to check your progress

Our free e-newsletters focus on "Improvement Initiatives" and showcase articles on safety, kaizen implementation, team training and delivery, benchmarking, six sigma subjects, and actual project case studies. Published monthly, this e-newsletter provides sources of inspiration and innovation to Quality advocates and Lean practitioners alike!

Our free motivational speeches include "Taste the Sweet Success of Quality" and "Best Practice Case Study: Promoting Kaizen Success", plus others...

We provide comprehensive facilitation services - offering management coaching on several improvement-oriented topics. Practice sessions and hands-on skill-based workshops focus on subjects such as The 5-day KAIZEN Event (train-the-trainer); Effective Team Leadership through Mastering the Art of Facilitation; Six steps to Mistake-proofing; Mentoring Practice; and Keys to Managing Change to name a few...

Got a quick question? Need additional help or information? Contact us, we do not charge for advice. We are not content consultants, we're process facilitators.

Check our free lean site often, as we are constantly innovating to help organizations change - for the better.