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So, Why Free Lean?

In Today's Economic Climate - Free is Good!

Hello and welcome! As an example of innovation and value, this free lean site is committed to make "lean thinking" concepts of continuous improvement highly accessible for practitioners throughout North America. Guided by this idea, our primary focus is on accelerating the developmental process, sustaining the effort, and most importantly - driving for results.

The majority of the training modules are absolutely free to download and modify as needed. A management improvement process focused on elements of Safety, Quality, and Speed of Execution provides a framework for action. More foundational material developed in power point, word, and excel formats is ready to customize to fit your particular need. Click around to see what we have to offer!

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Good Start

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Try this excellent TPS Overview (Dr. Woll)

15 minute "Quick Start" lessons:

Smart Start

Here's 3 E-Z Improvement Initiatives to ponder!

L6S infographic (Jabil Circuits)

Mistake Proofing techniques (BMGI)

Practical application of Lean Transformation! click here for 3 REAL-LIFE CASE STUDIES from Operations Director, Bill Foughty.

Learn More click here for some addtional case studies from Lean Certification Online.

Better Start

  • Hitchikers guide to lean book cover

    Hitchhiker's Guide to Lean

    Hitchhikers do not travel a fixed path. They intentionally wander so they can learn and grow along the way. Embarking on the lean journey is similar, there are many roads on which to wander and no single one is right for all. "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Lean: Lessons from the Road" reveals the most critical lessons learned over the authors' combined 30-plus years of exploring the lean highways. Checkout this great book today!

  • Quotable Quotes
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    Safety, Quality and Speed of Execution sayings inspire and motivate team members.

  • Book Review

    Outlines the book - Creating A Lean Culture by David Mann. Utilize these questions and discuss answers at one-hour weekly planning meetings with the Site Leadership Team. Answers

Web Training

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  • is a collection of free resources about quality improvement that were written by graduate and undergraduate students. The FreeQuality web site originated as a result of the teamwork by Penn State University - Quality and Manufacturing Management graduate students. This work was carried on by the students of Boise State University and is now housed at Brigham Young University. At BYU, undergraduate and MBA students are lending their talents to making this an even better resource for quality professionals.

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"Improvement is the organized creation of beneficial change, the attainment of unprecedented levels of performance."
- Joseph M. Juran